The Beats

It should be no surprise that if you’re going to learn how to tell better stories so that you can do a better job of marketing that we follow a story framework.

The one that I’m going to use in this course is from Save the Cat! Write a Novel by Jessica Brody. This is a brilliant book and I recommend everyone check it out.

Within the book, Brody talks about how a story has different beats and it’s important that you hit all of the beats to make the story successful. We’re going to cover these beats and see how they can apply to business.

  1. Opening Image
  2. Theme Stated
  3. Setup
  4. Catalyst
  5. Debate
  6. Break Into 2
  7. B Story
  8. Fun and Games
  9. Midpoint
  10. Bad Guys Close In
  11. All Is Lost
  12. Dark Night of the Soul
  13. Break Into 3
  14. Finale
  15. Final Image

This Is Your Story to Tell

The goal here is to create captivating stories that pull your audience in where they can see themselves in the story. But who is the main character in the stories that you are going to tell?

It can be you, former customers, or students. Or you could make it up as long as you tell people that you are making up the person.

The reality is that you are creating a story so that the person reading can relate. They need to see themselves in the struggles and triumphs so that the solution that you’re offering makes sense to them.

But before we jump into any of the beat it’s important that we understand the reader that the story is meant for.

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