The Reader

It’s hard to create an effective story if you don’t understand the reader. This is true of any marketing.

The better you understand the customer, the more effective you can make the marketing. The reason why we care about the customer in this case is because we need to understand what type of emotional pull each of the beats will have.

For example, let’s say you’re trying to sell a photography course. You’re story is about how you took a ton of pictures but none of them ever turned out the way you wanted them to.

Years later when you looked back at the pictures you were left disappointed at the results and you felt like you missed keeping a memory of that special moment in time because of it.

If your customer is someone who wants to take better photos to build their photography business then this story might not hit as well as you hope. However, if your customer is a Mom who loves taking pictures daily of her kids then there is probably going to be a bigger impact.

But how do you figure this stuff out?

Find the Desired Outcome