You Need a Better Story

We live in a world where millions of brands are fighting for attention. They are all telling you how great they are and why you should buy their products.

It leaves you without any feeling and that’s the problem.

We have so many different options at our disposal that we now understand that we can be selective with our choices. We don’t pick any shoe that we see.

We pick the shoe that makes us feel something.

But why do we feel anything about the shoe? The story that we tell in our heads.

Stories Control the World

It’s easy to look at numbers and strategies that others use to try and understand how to find business success, but the truth is that the success of your business is dependent on the story that your audience tells in their heads.

And this is where you have a choice.

You can either help to narrate that story or you can choose for them to make up their own.

Curious Scribbles wants to show you how you can help narrate the right story for your brand.